Click to see original Image in a new windowWe invite you to join our new Group, NS-Versus Connect. Now you can post challenges or communicate with players across the US that you are looking for a challenger!

Post your NS Board "VS PLAY" challenges here. Post what time you'll be at an NS Board and your location so that other players can match up and accept your challenge.

A NEW VS Lobby is now online! Come check it out!

Click to see original Image in a new windowHello all! Over the last few weeks we here at Network Sports have been taking your
feedback, ideas and comments into consideration and fuzing them with our platform.
Those new additions and adjustments, combined with revitalized games like Half-It, Air-Attack and new games such as Power Cricket really give the NS system a wide range of fun filled entertainment!

POWER CRICKET- The cricket you know and love, but now with a "reverse handicap" system
that actually lets you get more bang for your buck in playing time. Even a noobie can
even the playing field against a master opponent in this challenging version of

Click to see original Image in a new windowJoin Now! Connect and share with friends, challenge players throughout the US with VS remote play, stock your personal Trophy Case and track your progress in real time and that’s just for starters.

Visit your favorite location or contact service@spectrumns.com and get the scoop on the NS Player Card – NO Monthly Fees! NO Annual Fee!

On The Spot Activation has you up and shooting in minutes – NO Avatars, just your smiling face, please.

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe NS Online System goes public with a 15 state “live” beta-test. Spectrum Genesis and Elite dart boards from Alaska to Alabama will be receiving an online “make-over.” Taking part in the national beta-test, operators will be upgrading current Spectrum dart boards with the addition of the Network Sports (NS) Online System. While creating a subtle change in the cabinet’s appearance with new decals and the addition of a smart card reader, players will see a dramatic updating of the on-screen presentation.